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31 Animals Who Are Ready For Your Costume Party

I'm not really a costume guy. My typical Halloween involves me just putting on stuff I already own, and then deciding to stay in anyway. That being said, I do really love seeing costumes on other people and I really, really love costumes on animals. 

I mean, what's better than seeing a pug dressed like a bee? How about a pug dressed like a larger pug? Right??

The pug might hate that costume, and I get it, but we all make sacrifices for those we love. So thanks for taking one for the team, animals! 

1. Party on.
He's all kitted out and ready for Halloween! from aww
2. Not a chicken.
I think my dog Marty just won dog Halloween. (x-post from /r/Halloween) from aww
3. Looks good.
I found an old Halloween mustache so I gave my dog eyebrows.
4. Yes, please.
My brother's lab Hank wanted to make the most out of his first Halloween costume from aww
5. That is one happy devil.
My husky and I were in a Halloween costume contest over the weekend. from aww
6. Ruh-roh!
This dog is ready for Halloween
7. Meeting people is so hard. Especially when you are a cat witch.
When you're at a Halloween party with people you don't know and your friends disappear. from aww
8. Evolution.
"Bear" was (very briefly) dressed as a lion for Halloween this year. from aww
9. When you can't decide what to wear.
Who's ready for Halloween?
10. Too spooky for me.
Ready for Halloween
11. Hey! Guess what I am!
Hope you all had a good Halloween weekend
12. Ready to serve Bowser.
My tortoise and her new Halloween costume from aww
13. Cat-Bat.
Happy Halloween ????
14. This will be really valuable in twenty years.
Ready for Halloween! from aww
15. This one too.
"I wanna be a beanie baby for Halloween" from aww
16. And another.
My dog's Halloween costume
17. I hear he's replacing Ben Affleck.
Ready to keep kids safe on Halloween.
18. Very funny.
Hercules all dressed up for Halloween! from aww
19. You are a child's pet!
Hoppy Halloween from aww
20. Saving the world is tough.
The puppy and her buddy exhausted after Halloween.
21. Purring and buzzing.
Ready for Halloween! Purred the entire time as I put it on. from aww
22. Yummy!
This is Wooster, in his Halloween costume.
23. Very classy.
The best Halloween costume I've seen: the Dogtini. from aww
24. BRB. Just going to defeat the Empire real quick.
Puppy's first Halloween! Very pleased with the test shot of his costume. from aww
25. He's been with us the whole time.
My people live long and are celebrated poopers.
26. Poor teddy bears.
Friend dressed his pug as Michonne for Halloween from aww
27. Seeking buried treasure filled with dog treats and bones.
My three legged chihuahua doing Halloween right. from aww
28. One of you is getting the much better deal here.
Getting Halloween dinner ready! from aww
29. Help me. You're my only hope.
Reddit, I present to you, Luna's Halloween costume
30. Pup, pup, and away.
All ready for Halloween from aww
31. This is great but also kind of sad.
My sister in law's dog is ready for Halloween!