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Steve Bannon Says White House Press Briefings Are Off-Camera Because Sean Spicer 'Got Fatter'

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had stopped making televised briefings because Spicer had gained weight. 

Yeah, this really happened.

Bannon, many assume, was making a joke. Because the real reason is that the Trump administration doesn't want the public scrutiny of Sean Spicer's performance that televised briefings bring...Maybe? 

Anyway, people are confused.

Meanwhile, some are saying Bannon is just "trolling" and that, by saying that Sean Spicer is fat, Bannon is just outsmarting the media. 

Yeah... I mean... you're right? It does seem like a cruel and sophomoric joke? Is that really supposed to be a defense of Bannon?

Anyway, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton criticized Bannon for "fat shaming" Spicer, which yes, maybe is the right response. Except for the fact that this situation is so weird that perhaps there shouldn't be any response at all?

By the way, this all comes on the heels of reports that Spicer might be leaving his press secretary job for a more behind-the-scenes role at the White House.