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Chelsea Clinton Perfectly Shuts Down President Trump’s Latest Disrespectful Comment

Donald Trump isn't exactly known for being tactful. And that lack of tact was on full display recently as he chatted with members at his Bedminster, N.J. golf club, remarking that he needs to get away from the White House so often because it doesn't quite live up to his standards. 

"That White House is a real dump." - The President.

NBC correspondent, Peter Alexander, tweeted about the comment and people were not happy.  


Gus is offended for every citizen of the United States since Trump just insulted our house.

Since it's not up to his standards... ya know.

While people were busy expressing their disgust and frustration with Trump and his comments about the White House, Chelsea Clinton opted to shut him down in a totally different manner. 

She managed to do it without even acknowledging him at all.

Chelsea's "ignore Trump, acknowledge others" method inspired others to do the same. 

Gene understands that a picture is worth a thousand words, anyway.

Yes, sometimes a picture really does say more.

If the White House is a dump, what's that make Mar-A-Lago?

Amy is baffled.

We have to applaud this meme hero.

JoAnna sums it all up for us:

H/T: Twitter