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Trump Fires Attorney General Sally Yates For Defying His 'Muslim Ban'

Sally Yates, the standing Attorney General until a Trump appointee could be confirmed, was fired on Monday after telling the Department of Justice not to defend Trump's executive order aimed at Muslims and refugees that sparked nationwide protests. Her reason being that she did not believe that the executive order was legal.

As soon as her statement was released, speculation began on how long she had left, though her firing wouldn't be without complications for the current administration.

Many voiced their admiration for Yates for stepping into the line of fire.

Predictably, she was fired, and her replacement was announced by Press Secretary Spicer.

And while many Trump supporters were pleased to see her go, Yates also had many defenders.

The statement from the White House was... less than eloquent.

Others could see a clear comparison.

It was one hell of a way to go out.