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Brow Feathering Is The Latest Beauty Trend That's Dividing Our Nation

Brow Feathering Is The Latest Beauty Trend That's Dividing Our Nation
Updated 1 year ago

When I was younger, I used to hold a grudge against birds, because I was told that they evolved from dinosaurs. Now, when I was a child, I thought that if something evolved from another thing, it was a positive thing. Like it attained a greater, more powerful form.

What I failed to understand is that it was more functional for survival, and not functional for making me go, "whooooaaaa" in awe. So I hated birds with a passion because I somehow blamed them for the reason why dinosaurs didn't exist anymore. Again, I wasn't the smartest of children.

As a result, I'm not the biggest fan of feathers, either. Don't put them in my pillows. Don't put them in my wind-chimes or hanging from girls' hair or earrings at Burning Man.

So when I saw Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen's "feather brows," my immediate reaction was to say, "I HATE BIRDS."

But it's hard to deny that the trend is one that looks a hell of a lot like a feather. You part that bad boy down the middle and brush it in opposite directions and it looks like your eyes are ready to fly south for the winter.

And Instagram's divided on whether or not they love the new beauty trend. Some people think it's a joke.

Others are digging the brow-trend that Sironen pioneered.

The beauty blogger herself welcomes not only the love but the hate she's been getting for her feathery brows.

She says she started the brow trend as a joke, but seems perfectly content in rocking it as a legit beauty style.

If you think that feathered brows are the most off-the-wall styles she's tried out, then you haven't seen the other cool stuff Sironen's capable of.

It's not feather brow, but it's still pretty cool.