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Nicki Minaj Will Pay For Fans' College Tuition If They Meet One Condition

Nicki Minaj is rolling in money. So much so that she's currently holding a competition for fans to lip-sync along to one of her songs, with her favorites being picked to fly to Los Angeles and hang out with her. 

But after the announcement of the competition, one person decided to be cheeky and see if Minaj would pay off their tuition for college. 

Which Minaj quickly offered to do for anyone, as long as they have straight A's. 

And yes, we mean everyone. 

She offered to send this fan $1,000 to help pay for their summer classes. 

She did this all Saturday evening. 

By the end, she'd promised money to around 30 students. 

But if you missed your opportunity, she'll be helping out again in a month or two. 

I could have really used this when I was a poor student.