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Forever Incredible/Carla Stehman
Weed Weddings Are Becoming A Thing And People Are Mad They Didn't Think Of It Sooner

The legal use of marijuana in some states gives licensed producers some very creative ideas. Bloomberg News tweeted a story about how pot specialists have started packaging their products for weddings. That makes sense, because couples are willing to shell out big bucks to get their guests buzzed enough to hit the dance floor. In fact, sometimes buying weed is cheaper than an open alcohol bar, because people get more messed up from smoking than drinking. Efficient!

One purveyor, Bec Koop, told Bloomberg that some people go all out, basically making smoking up their theme.

"They're loud and proud," Koop says. "A hemp silk wedding dress, a hemp suit, a 'budquet'—you can crack it from your bouquet to your bowl."  

People got pretty excited about all these possibilities:

Though a couple of people pointed out the obvious. As long as people have been throwing parties, weed weddings have basically existed. Just on the down low.