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There's A Theory That Tom Cruise Wore A Fake Butt In A Movie And It's Hilarious

Unbelievable as it may seem, one very thick booty has been escaping the internet's notice for almost ten years. Thankfully, Twitter use @iluvbutts247 finally noticed the fullness of Tom Cruise's derriere in literally five seconds of footage from his 2008 WWII thriller Valkyrie, and their theory that it is a fake:

If you need more butt context, here's the scene:

Everyone loves this observation almost as much as they love butts (after all, @iluvbutts247 has 246 people who love butts ahead of them). However, they also love pointing out that Tom Cruise does his own stunts and this was likely some sort of protective butt cover for stunts. Don't know how that helps, since he falls on his face, but that does kind of explain it. @iluvbutts247 does not care, they're here for the butts, not the butt explanations:

That butt's so big, he can't stay on his feet:

It turns out that big fake butts in action sequences are a common movie give away. I too, remember the roundness of Tobey Maguire's butt in Spider-Man and this whole thread explains so much:

Once you see the butts, you see them everywhere. And it's good!