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Video Game Designers Are Sharing The Early Versions Of Game Levels They Created

Ever wonder what a video game looks like in the middle of its development? Well, it'll ruin the magic. Video game designers are sharing pictures of early versions of their games as part of "blocktober," and they're a pretty great insight into the creative process. 

Michael Barclay, who works for Naughty Dog shared an early look at the Uncharted series.  

As did his colleague, Nicholas Lance. 

And Em Schatz.

Matthias Worch shares a level from Electronic Art's Dead Space 2

Orsi Spanyol, lead artist at Thekla Inc., looks at The Witness.

Chuck Wilson of Respawn shares a very blocky look at Titanfall 2

And another from Jason McCord. 

Here's a look at Devil May Cry from Peter Field of Media Molecule.  

There goes the magic.