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This Glitter Cappuccino Will Make You Feel Like A Caffeinated Unicorn

A chain of coffee shops in India is offering edible glitter cappuccinos, and the sparkly concoctions are currently going viral because OF COURSE THEY ARE. I mean, look at this loveliness, courtesy of Mumbai chain Coffee By Di Bella:

May your festive week be full of sparkle and shine just like our Diamond Cappuccino. #CoffeeByDiBella #CBD #DiBella

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The coffee shop's holographic glitter drink is called the diamond cappuccino, and the shop also offers a gold cappuccino that's similarly stunning.

Here’s to a sparkling week ahead! Tag a friend who owes you a coffee treat. #CoffeeByDiBella #CBD #DiBella

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And here's a (rather mesmerizing) video showing how the drinks are made.

Shine bright like a 💎 #TheUltimateCoffeeExprience #SpecialtyCoffee #CoffeeByDiBella #DiamondCappuccino

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If you want to make the cappuccinos at home, it looks relatively straightforward—just remember to use edible glitter, not craft glitter. As Bustle points out, you can usually tell the difference because edible glitter—which you can find at kitchen supply stores—will contain a list of ingredients on the label (here's one that's FDA approved). Please note that "non-toxic" is not the same thing as edible.

Which isn't to say that some people don't have other concerns.

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