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Wendy's Just Destroyed McDonald's After Their Huge Black Friday Tweet Fail

Wendy's Just Destroyed McDonald's After Their Huge Black Friday Tweet Fail
6 months ago

It's always a little embarrassing when huge social media accounts don't proofread their posts, like this copy and paste gaffe from Scott Disick...

For billion dollar corporations the stakes are much higher. Every notable event, or trending holiday, is a chance to promote your product. Naturally, McDonald's was all set to tweet out a Black Friday post.

Whoever's handling their social media was on top of scheduling the tweets, however, they had a bit of a snafu when it came to posting the actual tweet itself.

Here it is, in case McDonald's deletes the tweet, which is still up, for some reason. Kinda strange that a fast-food chain owns up to its accidental tweets more than the President of the United States, but oh well. 

That's right: McDonald's posted this embarrassing mistake, but the burger chain seems to be taking the whole thing in stride. Look at this little gem they followed up with:

It wasn't enough to stop the internet roast machine from getting on McDonald's case, however.

People guessed what was going through the Mickey D's social media team's heads after the accidental post.

While others pointed out that the brand's exposure as a result of the mix-up might ultimately benefit them.

Then the worst possible thing happened to McDonald's. Social media savage, Wendy's, of course, responded to the glaring mistake.

And they didn't hold back.

Then again, if you knew anything about Wendy's Twitter history, you wouldn't expect them to, either.