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Vegans Are Beefing With Gordon Ramsay After He Roasted This Woman's Lasagna

Top Chef Gordon Ramsay has known to be as gifted at insulting people as he is at cooking.


The popular TV Chef has been known to give honest and hilarious critiques of people's food on Twitter as well.

His latest response to this user's culinary concoction has caused a bit of a stir online.

It all started when @Yungqueer wanted to show off their vegan lasagna.

To which Ramsay replied with this incendiary tweet:

Ramsay's used vegans as the butt of his jokes before, for example, when asked if he was allergic to anything, this was his response:

Of course PETA had a few choice words for Ramsay after making a joke at their expense.

They decided to make a reference-jibe of their own, too.

Ramsay isn't the only celebrity chef to have a sore spot for vegans, nice guy Jamie Oliver is "annoyed" by vegans based on some unsavory experiences with them in the past, despite his fight for more ethical slaughtering practices.

Which might be one reason why a lot of people were digging his response.

There were a lot of people, however, who were deeply offended by Ramsay picking on vegans and veganism.

There were some people who kept tried bringing Ramsay to the vegan side.

Even though Ramsay denied them before.

Well, at least he didn't call her an idiot sandwich.