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Disney Debuts Rainbow Mouse Ears For Pride And They're Sparking Controversy

Disney Debuts Rainbow Mouse Ears For Pride And They're Sparking Controversy
Updated 4 weeks ago

June is Pride month for the LGBTQ community, and in celebration, Disney has started selling rainbow Mickey Mouse ears at their parks:

Disney has been the meeting place for many queer people for years. Beginning in 1991, there have been organized "Gay Days" at the various parks, but Disney never officially affiliated with them in any capacity. However, identifying with the world of Disney has been a big thing for many LGBTQ people everywhere for a long time.

So, there was a lot of excitement over having official Mickey Mouse ears from the company celebrating LGBTQ Pride.

Everyone is showing off their ears:

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Basically, they want all the merch they can get:

But not everyone is happy with what they perceive as a very small concession on Disney's part to their LGBTQ fan base. They want more:

Advocates are accusing the company of "pinkwashing," which refers to when a company uses marketing tactics that seem to support the queer community, but don't actually make meaningful changes to support progressive change:

There has been a push for Disney to include a gay character explicitly in one of their movies. They have offered hints, like LeFou dancing with a man in the live-action Beauty and the Beast, and hinted at Elsa from Frozen being a lesbian, but none of their characters are out and proud.

But some people are satisfied with this small step, or at least think they can enjoy it while still demanding more from Disney:

And for some people, Pride Ears feel like a huge step:

But Elsa should still get a girlfriend, IMHO.