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Source: WWAY3 TV

This Squirrel Eats Tiny Ice Cream Cones Every Day At North Carolina Shop

By Aimee Lutkin

Hello, I am in love with a squirrel named Putter, who lives in a tree outside an ice cream shop in North Carolina called Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach. 

Though Putter is my soulmate, she is cared for by the shop's owners, Scott and Pam Martin. WWAY3 reports that Putter started visiting last summer, and since the weather has been consistently nice, she's stuck around ever since. This may be because the Martins give Putter two mini-ice cream cones a day to eat with her itty bitty paws. Ah, my heart!

Scott Martin says it wasn't their idea to give Putter ice cream–it was very definitely her idea. "She came down and just got friendly with customers and ultimately took ones ice cream cone back up the tree,” Scott said. They started giving her her own vanilla or sugar free cones twice a day, whittling down the big ones so they were more manageable for her paws. 

The Martins say that guests love her, and come in asking to see her all the time, which makes me suspicious that Putter may be getting more than two cones a day.