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This Flamingo Gets Custom Booties To Wear For Walks And It's Incredible

This Flamingo Gets Custom Booties To Wear For Walks And It's Incredible
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10 months ago

Squish is a baby flamingo who lives in Singapore at the Jurong Bird Park. He is famous for one thing and one thing only: wearing custom made booties when he goes for walks. You know what? It's enough.

The egg Squish hatched from was abandoned, and he was raised by conservationists at the park. His feet are too tender for the hot asphalt, so when he needs to stretch his legs, the handler snaps him into these adorable little shoes. He's still too small to hang with the other grown flamingoes, but human companionship means lots of supervised activities.

Gerard Wan, the park’s animal care officer, told iNews that the danger of him walking is that he'll develop calluses that could become infected, but he still needs to get out there and soak up some UV rays now and then. 

“When his feet are okay, we will send him back into the flock, and hopefully, he will be able to integrate with them,” Wan explained.

But meanwhile, we get to enjoy watching someone put on a flamingo's shoes:

Then sitting with him when he gets tired:

Plus the blooper reel!

Flamingoes aren't normally wearing shoes in the wild, even though it's the most adorable thing we've ever seen. Squish has walked right into my heart.

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