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Source: Instagram

A Complete Breakdown of YouTuber JC Caylen's Tattoos

By Anna Quintana

YouTuber JC Caylen is known for his signature curls, his love of backflips, and his collection of tattoos. The 25-year-old has been keeping his followers updated on his body art since his very first tattoo (a cloud on his right wrist) — but TBH, it's hard to keep track of just how many tattoos he has had inked all over his body. 

JC, who can add the MTV reboot of Fear Factor to his resume, has everything from a wishbone (in honor of his dog) to the traditional mom heart tattoo permanently placed on his sleeves, which honestly changes from one day to the next. However, no matter what he gets next, we have a feeling he will return to his go-to artist Romeo Lacoste

The longtime friends even filmed a Tattoo Roulette video for YouTube and (spoiler alert) the contestant was forced to get a tattoo of JC's choosing — a hot wing. While JC (real name: Justin Caylen Castillo) has yet to ink a hot wing on his own body, he does have more than a few exceptionally impressive pieces.