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Source: Getty Images

Shane Dawson Confirms a New Jake Paul Series Is Coming Soon

By Carly Sitzer

The wait is over. Well, sort of. Shane Dawson confirmed that controversial YouTuber/former Disney Channel star Jake Paul will be the subject of his upcoming eight-part series after dropping a teaser trailer of the series, titled The Mind of Jake Paul

In the trailer, the 30-year-old YouTuber can be heard telling his collaborator Andrew Siwicki, “This is going to be a nightmare.” The one-minute clip ends with Shane looking stressed out, telling Andrew he’s worried “that [Jake's] gonna be mad when he finds out what this series is actually about.”

The Mind of Logan Paul is the latest YouTuber-centric series by Shane, who has been making videos on the platform for more than a decade. He previously saw incredible success with The Secret World of Jeffree Star, The Truth About Tanacon, and a three-part, unnamed series which helped fellow YouTuber “Bunny” Meyers revive her channel, which she believed to be failing.