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Fans Are Finally Realizing Just How Creepy Jake Paul's Dad Really Is

Anna Quintana - Author

Feb. 8 2021, Updated 10:51 p.m. ET

In Shane Dawson's latest YouTube series "The Mind of Jake Paul," he is going deep to try to figure out why social media celeb Jake Paul does what he does.  

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Along the way, he spoke with therapist Kati Morton, who discussed at length the topic of sociopaths — and the possibility that many of the famous faces you watch on YouTube might suffer from some sort of personality disorder. Shane also discovered that anti-social personality disorder is more common among first-degree biological relatives, meaning that if you have someone in your family with the disorder, you are more likely to have it. 

So, it was no surprise that fans quickly pointed the finger at Jake and Logan Paul's dad, Greg Paul, who has been called creepy on more than one occasion. "Damn Jake Paul’s dad is a bigger embarrassment to this city than he is," one fan tweeted. Another added, "Yeah don't even get me started on the dad he's creepier than any of them. He's definitely adding fuel to the two fires. Because you know he would not be known of if it wasn't for his boys." 

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logan paul dad
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A third asked, "This Shane Dawson thing is so creepy. I’m legit still feeling sad and nervous. Yeeeessssshhhhg take it easy. @jakepaul @LoganPaul confirmed psychopath. But my quest is if it is genetic do u think Jake Paul or Logan Paul got it from his mom or his dad?" While Shane has made it clear that he is not calling Jake a sociopath in his new video series, viewers are convinced something is to blame for Jake's erratic behavior — and Jake's family is the focus of Part 3 of the eight-part YouTube doc.

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And Greg Paul, aka GP, is just as social-media obsessed as Jake and Logan. With half a million followers on Instagram and nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, the "vlogdad" will do anything for views — even it seems, kiss an underage girl. 

Wait, but did Jake Paul's dad really kiss an underage girl? 

Two weeks ago, Greg was hacked by a group called Digital Gangsters, who leaked sex tapes allegedly starring the 54-year-old. “We wanted to see how far we could go [with the hack]. We obviously got pretty far," the hackers told The Daily Dot. "We don’t really like him. We don’t like the Paul’s."

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Greg denies that there are inappropriate videos of him with minors. "The haters and the hackers spreading rumors that I've been with underage women is a bunch of bull, it's never happened and it's 100 percent not true. There's no supporting evidence and there never will be and the reason there never will be is because it never happened," he said in an Instagram video. "If anybody even tries to say anything to that effect in any way, shape, or form they're just doing it for views just like they are right now. The other things for you haters, how bad does your life suck? How bad does your life suck? You wake up and you want to throw shade and hate on people you've never met, who've never done anything to you." 

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However, Shane does feature a clip of Greg kissing a young girl in his series that has made followers really uncomfortable. "How can I unsee what I’ve seen about Jake Paul’s dad," one fan simply wrote. That clip is actually from a video on Jake's page titled "Kissing Contest," where Jake and his dad were competing to see who was the better smoocher. 

In the video, Greg asked for a woman who was over the age of 35, but ultimately settled with a definitely not 30-something Alivia Marie — she was legal at the time, FYI. However, at 21 years old, she was over three decades his minor. And spoiler alert: Greg was the winner. 

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Now, Greg is looking to hire his hackers. "A lot of you guys know I was hacked," he said while holding a sign that read, 'My hacker taught me a lot. Please contact me so I can hire you.' He continued, "But dude, if you’re out there, reach out to me. The guy still has my AOL account. Give back my AOL account. Include your information there, because I want to hire you. We can use your smarts and skillsets in a positive way and probably make you a ton of legit money."

In the meantime, he'll probably keep making more videos for the clicks, just like his famous sons. 

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