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Source: Instagram

Fans Are Finally Realizing Just How Creepy Jake Paul's Dad Really Is

By Anna Quintana

In Shane Dawson's latest YouTube series "The Mind of Jake Paul," he is going deep to try to figure out why social media celeb Jake Paul does what he does.  

Along the way, he spoke with therapist Kati Morton, who discussed at length the topic of sociopaths — and the possibility that many of the famous faces you watch on YouTube might suffer from some sort of personality disorder. Shane also discovered that anti-social personality disorder is more common among first-degree biological relatives, meaning that if you have someone in your family with the disorder, you are more likely to have it. 

So, it was no surprise that fans quickly pointed the finger at Jake and Logan Paul's dad, Greg Paul, who has been called creepy on more than one occasion. "Damn Jake Paul’s dad is a bigger embarrassment to this city than he is," one fan tweeted. Another added, "Yeah don't even get me started on the dad he's creepier than any of them. He's definitely adding fuel to the two fires. Because you know he would not be known of if it wasn't for his boys."