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Source: NBC/Twitter

4 Compelling 'This Is Us' Theories That Have Us Convinced Beth and Randall Won't Get a Divorce After All

By Pippa Raga

Update (1/16/2019): 

What did we say? There's nothing that can break the bond between Randall and Beth. And if you had any worry Randall and Beth on This Is Us were headed to divorce, the 2019 winter premiere likely sunk it.

The second half of Season 3 kicked off with the same uncertainty we felt in 2018, but the power couple worked through their rough patch. "The Last Seven Weeks" appropriately spanned the seven weeks between Randall's exile to the couch (aka the midseason cliffhanger) and election night. During this condensed period, we saw him struggling with his desire to be a great man and his need to be a good man, and worrying ambition had made him lose sight of what's important.

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At the same time, Beth came to realize she fell in love with Randall because he never gives up, even when confronted with a near impossible task. So, by fighting him on seeing the election through, she was asking him to go against his nature.

It's a good thing these two made up, because they have a tough road ahead. Why? Because, despite the odds — and without deploying the dirt his campaign manager Jae-won dug up on the incumbent, Councilman Sol Brown — Randall won the election. 

I think they've got this, though. If you need further convincing, read on for four reasons we are certain these two are solid as a rock.