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Source: NBC/Twitter

4 Compelling 'This Is Us' Theories That Have Us Convinced Beth and Randall Won't Get a Divorce After All

By Pippa Raga

(Warning: spoilers ahead!)

The midseason finale of This Is Us on November 27 left a lot of questions about the characters' futures — like a possible Beth-Randall divorce — while providing (in classic This Is Us fashion) very minimal clarity on other hints dropped throughout the last season.

The last episode before the show's return in January teaches us that Rebecca is most likely the mysterious "her" that future Randall and Tess plan to visit, leaving fans wondering whether the mom of the Big Three is maybe, potentially... dying? 

We also learn that Nicky probably faked his death in Vietnam and is somehow still alive and kicking REALLY CLOSE to the East Coast cohort in Pennsylvania. 

Most shockingly of all, we are left completely hanging when it comes to #relationshipgoals couple Beth and Randall. They find out Randall pretty much has zero chance of winning the race for city council, while their eldest daughter reveals she's grappling with her sexuality. Beth asks him to drop out, and the couple has an explosive fight when Randall is adamant he needs to see it through —even though he had promised he would quit if at any time Beth had reservations.