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Source: Facebook

Here's Why Sue Aikens Is Moving to a New Cabin on 'Life Below Zero'

By Anna Quintana

For the stars of Life Below Zero, moving from one region of the Alaskan frontier to another is nothing new. Just ask Glenn Villenue, who splits his time between Fairbanks and Brooks Ranges due to the extreme cold. 

However, his fellow co-star Sue Aikens has fans curious about why she decided to move from her beloved home in the Kavik River Camp. 

"For me it was always lighthouse keeper, sometimes I threw pirate in there, but lighthouse keeper was always the common thread and I always craved extreme isolation," she has said of her decision to live 105 miles below the Arctic Circle in the past. 

"I crave the time where I am not bound by the rules from a society that I don’t understand, the society that tears itself down, that belittles each other, that is unkind, I don’t understand that, so I choose not to live in it. In my world I get to have snacks and naps and run around and play so I like my world."