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Source: netflix

'Stranger Things' Season 3: Here's What We Know

By Mustafa Gatollari

The teaser trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things just dropped and fans are very, very excited. In the show's typical fashion a list of the all the upcoming season's episode titles dropped, and there are a few in particular that have got people really excited.

Specifically the one that references "Suzie." If you've watched the Netflix series, you'll know that there isn't a character that goes by that name in the series, and the only person I can think of is Susan Hargrove, Max's biological mother and Billy's step mom.

If she is the "Suzie" in question, then that means she's probably going to play a much larger role in the upcoming season. Maybe even as large as a role as this Dustin Chia Pet plays on my holiday wish list — one can only hope.