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Source: Bravo

Ashton Is Not the Only Crew Member Sent "Overboard" on 'Below Deck: Tahiti'

By Pippa Raga

Last week's episode of Below Deck: Tahiti was absolutely wild. Not only did we find out that Ashton was the "man overboard" the series had been teasing over the past two weeks, we also met the newest additions to the crew of My Seanna after Chandler and Caroline's dramatic exits.

A split-second man overboard moment at the end of last week's episode left the whole cast shook. "It was the worst two hours of my life," Kate revealed in the series' After Show. "I didn't know how serious the situation was at the time, or even until much later because the guests had just arrived — it's a very busy time for everyone," she went on to say.

Viewers were clamoring for more. One took to reddit to ask, "Does anyone have an info regarding Ashton going overboard? Did he sustain major injuries? Is he okay? What exactly happened?" Others braced themselves for the worst after Ashton didn't appear with the rest of Below Deck's cast on last week's Watch What Happens Live

I, for one, cannot believe they would end the episode with a "To Be Continued..." card reminiscent of the '90s, and will definitely be tuning in to see what happens next.