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Source: Bravo

'Below Deck' Star Laura Betancourt Has Put Her Yachting Days Behind Her

By Anna Quintana

Keeping up with the staff of  Captain Lee's yacht this season of Below Deck: Tahiti has proven to be difficult. Right after Chandler Brooks was fired, Caroline Bedol put in her "two days notice" — prompting Captain Lee to promote Ross Inia and call in a backup to help Chief Stewardess (and HBIC) Kate Chastain. 

Fans were introduced to Caroline's replacement, Laura Betancourt, just a few days after her departure, and it wasn't long before she was on Kate's bad side, as expected. "Honey, if you were a chief stew that knows as much as you say you do, you should already know how to do turn down," Kate tells the cameras on the show. "Laura has a lot of opinions. If Laura had ever really been a chief stew, she would put herself in my position and wouldn't come out too hot from the start." 

Well, it doesn't look like Laura is planning to cool down anytime soon. In a preview, Laura was seen telling Kate exactly how she felt, prompting Kate to go to Captain Lee with the ultimate ultimatum: "We can fire her, or I'll quit." Yikes...