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Source: Instagram

Sorry Ladies, Dr. Paul Nassif Is Not Single — And His Girlfriend Is Pretty Great

By Anna Quintana

On tonight's episode of Botched, Dr. Paul Nassif meets a patient that is hoping for more than a cosmetic upgrade from the plastic surgeon. 

"Is Dr. Nassif single? He should be single," she asked cameras. "I'm going to have to work my Irish charm on him." 

Unfortunately, for her (and the millions of viewers of the E! reality series), Dr. Nassif is not single — and is actually dating a pretty awesome woman. 

So, who is Dr. Nassif's girlfriend? 

Meet Brittany Pattakos. The Greek beauty's Instagram is set to private — probably to block the trolls — but according to her bio she is a coolsculpting specialist and fitness enthusiast. 

She is also a twin and Brittany recently spent the holidays with Dr. Nassif and his three sons, Collin, Christian, and Gavin. Brittany even made it on the family holiday card, so it's safe to say they are in a pretty serious relationship.