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Source: Getty Images

Madison Hildebrand Won't Be Selling Houses on 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles'

By Anna Quintana

This season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles just might be the most star-studded ever! With cameos from celebs such as Kelly Rowland, Dorit Kemsley, and Rose McGowan, the Bravo series is pulling out all the stops for Season 11. 

As expected, these famous faces are seeking some real estate guidance from Million Dollar Listing veterans Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, Brits James Harris and David Parnes, and the lone female realtor on the show, Tracy Tutor. 

However, one face is noticeably missing from the show, and his name is Madison Hildebrand

So, what happened to Madison on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Unfortunately, Madison confirmed last year, he would not be returning for Season 11. "I tried to quit with Season 6. With Season 6, I tried to get away from it and it just didn’t happen, but this is real," he told Page Six. "I started in real estate and within six months of trying to sell homes and selling homes is when I started filming the show. So it literally has been following my career technically for 12 years and with that it turned into 10 seasons… It’s exhausting, rewarding, but very exhausting on everything — mind, body and soul."