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Source: YouTube

12 Celebs Who Bought Homes at Ridiculously Young Ages


Everyone knows millennials don't buy homes. We're so consumed with college loans and poorly paid jobs, most us are stuck renting apartments until we're way into our 30s. However, if you're a celebrity, homeownership is far less elusive. In fact, many famous teens are already real estate moguls by 18 — and a few of them snatched up their first "starter" mansions even before that. Here's a look at all the celebs who owned homes before they were even old enough to drink.

1. Kylie Jenner

Source: Instagram

The youngest Jenner sister was only 17 when she moved out of mom's house and purchased a five-bedroom, six-bedroom mansion in Calabasas, CA for $2.7 million. Although mom helped her out with seizing the property, it was paid for 100 percent with Kylie's own money. And remember, this was before her billion-dollar makeup empire.