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Source: A&E

This Is How Much Contestants Get Paid for Completing '60 Days In'

By Anna Quintana

The premise of 60 Days In sounds simple — go undercover in a prison to find flaws in the management of the facility. However, the actual experience is anything but easy for the six participants selected by Sheriff Mark Lamb, who assigns each of the "lucky" participants with a specific mission to complete.   

So, it is not surprise that viewers of the A&E reality series really want to know how much these contestants make for seemingly giving up their freedom for two months. "They have to be getting paid for this," one fan tweeted before another added, "I bet they get paid good AF to be undercover." 

How much do '60 Days In' contestants get paid? 

It looks like these participants are not making as much as you think for taking part in the show. According to one former reality TV producer who shared some behind-the-scene information on reddit, A&E budgets for one-hour shows is estimated at $375,000 per episode, meaning that "the most they are getting paid about $3,000 per episode."