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Source: A&E

Will Dennis's Pro Quarterback Days Help Him With Incarcerated Life on '60 Days In'?


Hey, have you ever wanted to know whether or not you could hack it in prison? Is it something that keeps you up late at night as you toss and turn in bed, just wondering if you had the aptitude to keester an item or fashion a shiv out of a toothbrush to stab a rival in the neck with? Well, you could commit a crime and jump into the life head first, or, check out Dennis' upcoming journey on 60 Days In.

Dennis, who is taking on life in prison in '60 Days In', is a former UConn quarterback.

You may say to yourself, "Hey, I'm in shape, and I like the allure of hanging out in a weight yard getting swole on Aramark food." Well, were you top-college-athlete level in shape? Because Dennis was a pro-level quarterback slinging pig skins for UConn before deciding to take his chances in the pen and seeing if he could rise through the prison ranks and gain control of the yard in A&E's awesome new series.