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Source: Netflix/Eleven Films

Will There Be a 'Sex Education' Season 2? Your Vital Questions Answered


When Sex Education appeared in my list of recommendations on Netflix this past weekend, I felt like the streaming app finally got me. Here was a show that combines basically all my favorite things: British comedy, John Hughes movies, and Gillian Anderson. I ended up watching the entire season in one day, and I can report it is by far the best new show of 2019. 

The show centers on the sexually repressed son of a very liberated sex therapist (Gillian), who begins doling out sex and relationship advice to his fellow students for pay.

It's delightful, hilarious, and wonderfully sex positive and inclusive. Like many viewers, I immediately wondered after watching whether the teen comedy will have a second season, and I had some other questions about it as well, like where it was filmed and why, despite being very obviously British, the show had a nostalgic and, dare I say, American feel to it.