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Source: Netflix

'Back With the Ex' Star Lauren Has Moved on and She's Screaming It From the Rooftops of Instagram


Americans aren't entirely sure what's going on with Australian reality TV, but it sure does seem to be having its heyday. From Yummy Mummies to Instant Hotel, it's like we can't get enough of the drama down under. But if expectant mothers and Airbnbs aren't exactly your cup of tea, may we offer Back With the Ex as the perfect cringey dating show and your next Netflix addiction.

Although we've covered all the couples from the show and their current relationship statuses, many fans are clamoring to know more about their favorite singles from the show. Especially Lauren, who managed to free herself from Erik Lee's possessive and low-key abusive shackles. 

Read on to learn where Lauren is today and how to follow her on social media.