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Source: Getty Images

10 Celebs Whose Monthly Bills Are More Expensive Than Your Entire Existence


When you're a celebrity, your million-dollar paycheck doesn't always go directly into your bank account. After all, you have maids to pay for, bodyguards to hire, and mortgages to pay for all your friends and family. Although they get paid per month what most people get in a year, some celebs are paying so much in bills, it's no surprise when they inevitably file for bankruptcy. Below, a look into their crazy monthly expenses.

1. Britney Spears

Source: Getty Images

Way back when Britney was divorcing Kevin Federline, her divorce papers revealed what her financial situation looked like. According to legal documents obtained by ABC News, Britney spent $16,000 per month on clothes, $4,758 on takeout food, $10,250 on utility bills, and $17,000 on automotive/transportation costs. And that still wasn't everything. She also spent $102,000 a month on "entertainment, gifts and vacation." Altogether, that's a grand sum of $150,008 per month. 

Considering her successful Las Vegas residency, her current monthly expenses are probably even higher.