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These Girls Sharing Their Prom Dress Fails Show Why You Should Never Buy Online

These Girls Sharing Their Prom Dress Fails Show Why You Should Never Buy Online
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12 months ago

Everyone wants to look their best on prom night, the first evening of your young adult life where everyone is expected to look better than they ever have before. There are lots of strategies for finding the perfect look, like wearing your own mom's old dress, for example. Here's one thing you should never do: order your dress online.

It's very tempting when you see a picture of a woman in a perfectly fitted couture gown, bedazzled to the heavens, because it makes you think that something of similar quality will arrive in the mail. And they're so cheap! Cheap is still too much to pay for all of these. At least the pictures of these epic prom dress fails are hilarious:

What's a girl to do? This girl who paid a designer to make her dress had a disaster, too. Sadly, the only solution is to get in the car and drive to a dang store. Try it before you buy it! 

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