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Source: Leah Remini

Where Is Shelly Miscavige? Leah Remini Searches for Her Friend, Unseen for a Decade

By Amber Garrett

Leah Remini's A&E series, Scientology and the Aftermath has spent the better part of two seasons discussing the abuses and harassment ex-Scientology members have endured since leaving the organization, but this season the former Kevin Can Wait actress is digging into some of the unsolved mysteries of the secretive religion, like where their money goes. Another mystery, one which sparked Leah's separation from Scientology, is this: What happened to Shelly Miscavige?

Source: Tony Ortega

First off, who is Shelly Miscavige — and have there been recent sightings?

Shelly is the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, who is chairman of the board of Religious Technology Center. This company controls all the copyrights and trademarks associated with Scientology's intellectual property. Before L. Ron Hubbard passed away in 1986, David was right hand man to the founder and had become the de facto leader as early as 1980.

David and Shelly (born Michele Diane Barnett) met as members of the Commodore's Messenger Organization, which is an elite group within Sea Org, the most rigid and revered arm of the Church of Scientology. They married in 1982 and Shelly became David's assistant. She became essentially the first lady of the organization, always appearing at David's side until 2007. 

Friends of hers, most notably Leah, became worried before that final public appearance, when Shelly wasn't present at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in 2006.