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15 Absurd Headlines That Should Not Have Happened This Week

15 Absurd Headlines That Should Not Have Happened This Week
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1 year ago

The truth isn't always stranger than fiction, but in these cases, it totally is.

1. Footballer accidentally thanks his wife and girlfriend in incredible man of the match speech
4. Female traffic light signals a step-forward for equality
5. 'Balloonatic' gets $26.5K fine for 'unconscionably stupid' lawn chair flight over Calgary
6. Man ‘stabbed a Catholic priest in the neck’ during Sunday service after yelling ‘You are Indian… you can’t say mass!’
7. American Legion's Testicle Festival urges you to 'come have a ball'
9. Manny Ramirez gets unlimited sushi as part of Japanese baseball contract
11. Man impersonating cop pulls over corrections officer
12. 'Narcissistic' bird wins internet fans in Australia
13. How a Vancouver pub 'annoyed an entire country' with a poorly poured pint of Guinness
15. An entire Southern Oregon town could be yours for $3.85 million
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RecircHumor22 Images That'll Give You Bad Luck Just By Looking At Them

I grew up in a marginally superstitious family who brought some beliefs and hocus-pocus superstitions from the old country. I couldn't make too much noise late at night for fear of attracting a "jinn." I couldn't point at cemeteries or stare into a mirror for too long or my face would become deformed, and heaven help me if I was ever mean to or disobeyed my parents or grandparents, because then I'd be looking at a cursed life that would ruin me until the day that I died.

But the idea of "back luck" or stepping on cracks, walking under ladders, or stealing a black cat's macchiato isn't something that my family really bought into. Sure, we believed in supernatural stuff and the idea that karma gets back around to mess with you or your kids, but "bad luck"? 

No honey, it isn't luck that's ruining your life, it's an unseen species of metaphysical monsters that exist in a different plane we know little about—but they are mentioned in the Quran, so be careful!

There are phenomena so unfortunate that simply looking at images of them will cause the same bad luck to befall you. So on this Friday the 13th, gaze upon these pictures with extreme caution.

By Mustafa Gatollari
3 days ago