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Domino's Is Now Fixing Horrible Roads For The Best Reason


Nov. 19 2020, Updated 9:53 p.m. ET

Domino's pizza is basically a staple. 

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Even if you aren't a huge fan of pizza, you're probably a fan of their prices and customer service. I mean, what other pizza chain would have a staff of people wrestle an armed robber to the ground and continue working their shifts like nothing happened?

Despite the fact that their food really isn't all that delicious, I've always looked at the franchise favorably and I think a lot of that has  to do with the fact that they've never let me down with my orders and have always, always made it convenient as heck to order from them. 

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Plus, it doesn't hurt that they've been known to have a great sense of humor.

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Now when you combine going above and beyond to provide an excellent experience for your customers, with a wicked sense of humor, you end up getting a pizza spot that will literally do the work of the American government so people can get their pizza faster.

That's right, Domino's is fixing roads and paying for the labor right out of their own pocket.

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The pizza chain was sick and tired of seeing their pies getting damaged by poor road conditions. All the jostling around meant bad news for their boxed circles of hot yeast and cheese.

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So they put cameras in their pie boxes to show what truly bad road conditions did to the pies. WARNING: seeing this image will be traumatic to pizza lovers everywhere.

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So they launched the "Paving for Pizza" initiative, which is a brilliant marketing strategy that actually makes a great point at showing how horribly inept some towns are at maintaining their local travel infrastructure.

By hiring local road crews and slapping their logo on the fixed potholes, they not only came up with a great way to promote their brand but join in on the gripe that a lot of us have, especially after every winter: Why are our roads so poorly maintained?

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To date, Domino's has already fixed a whopping 203 potholes. 150 in Athens, Georgia. 40 in Milford, Delaware, 8 in Bartonville, Texas, and 5 in Burbank, California.

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People are asking the pizza maker to come to their town to take care of business, too.

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Domino's is even letting people nominate their towns for road work on its Paving for Pizza website.

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Crappy roads have been a problem nationwide for a very long time.

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As a New Jersey native, I wasn't surprised to find out that my state's roads are utter garbage when compared to most other states around the country.

US News and Deutsche Bank ranked roads across the country and their findings confirm what we all know: states with highest population densities and more drivers have poorer quality roads.

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If you've ever visited the UAE you'd be hard-pressed to find a single pothole on the road. Relatively low labor costs, combined with smarter city planning and consistent weather with little rain or precipitation means that the country has less to worry about when it comes to maintenance.

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But then again, a country like Switzerland gets tons of snow and rain, and they manage to have some pretty incredible roads and an overall amazing infrastructure.

So it could just be that America sucks at maintaining roads. I mean we're so bad at it that Domino's has to fix our potholes.

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