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21 Texts From Dads That Will Make You Cry-Laugh

21 Texts From Dads That Will Make You Cry-Laugh
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1 month ago

Dads. They’re notorious for their senses of humor—whether cheesy or savage, witty or groan-worthy, they never miss an opportunity to try and make us laugh. In fact, dads are such natural comedians they often crack us up without even meaning to. It should come as no surprise then, that when dads learn to text, hilarity ensues.

Here are 21 dads who prove that, in their hands, smartphones are truly a blessing:

This dad, who just discovered emojis and definitely has a favorite.
This dad who out-pranked his kid.
This sarcastic dad who was def not bitter he couldn't come on vacation.
This dad's attempt to text via Siri.
This exceedingly practical dad who just doesn't see the point.
This dad who just DGAF.
This dad offering his son some perspective.
This dad who wasn't born yesterday.
This dad who still enjoys playing with his food.
This open-minded but confused dad.
This dad who straight up dragged his daughter.
This dad who shared some deep shower thoughts.
This dad who trolled his wife in the group chat.
This adorably supportive dad.
This dad who roasted his son.
This dad who desperately needs a lesson in emoji.
This dad who couldn't wait to spill.
This dad who always gives his honest feedback.
This savage dad who managed to roast his wife and daughter in one fell swoop.
This dad with the daily update.
And finally, this no-nonsense dad who definitely cares deep down.

Shout out to all the hilarious dads out there who brighten our days!

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