25 Not-So-Extreme Sports That'll Still Get Your Heart Racing

These everyday extreme sports are seriously stressful.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Aug. 31 2018, Updated 12:49 p.m. ET

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Stuntmen. Race car drivers. Snowboarders. Skateboarders who regularly mash face against pavement and have more fake teeth than you have unwatched shows on Netflix you just can't commit to because you're streaming Friends for the millionth time.

These are all common extreme sports that we're familiar with and watch for a few minutes when we're at the gym because ESPN's playing in the background. But what about the daily extreme sports we engage in all the time? Don't they deserve to be mentioned?

Thanks to the insightful minds in this AskReddit thread, there's plenty to get you nodding your head in agreement while dabbing some sweat off your forehead.

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1. Lecturing without PowerPoint.

Source: imgflip
Delivering a lecture without a PowerPoint (due to technological failure).
You straddle the line between purveyor of universal truth and fraud. One should only chase this dragon a handful of times...

- hindenburgular

2. Pretending you know how to do more than save a document.

Source: imgur
Lying on your resume about being proficient in Excel, then furiously googling how to do some complicated formula while the boss steps away.

- QueenLionSnake

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3. Only the bravest shower like this.

Source: imgur
Jumping in the shower without the ceremonial throwing a hand in to check the temperature.

- postdiluvium

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4. Delaying the inevitable.

Source: sony pictures
Feeling your stomach start to bubble while you’re still 10 minutes away from home.
The amount of focus and endurance needed to succeed is nearly inhuman sometimes.

- EbenHSHD

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5. Every actor's nightmare.

Source: hbo
Learning your lines backstage just before your character comes on.

- TheTrueBuckbuck2

I've probably had this dream a dozen times.

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6. So extreme it needs to be mentioned twice...

Source: universal
Skipping the highway rest stop because you only need to hold it in for another 15 minutes to make it home.

- Caucasian_Fury

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7. "Sorry I'm running late."

funny face of a man disappointed by the small gift box picture id
Source: istock
Getting a birthday gift for a friend on your way to the party.

- Zulanjo

Hope they like a huge bag of dollar-store toys and stale chocolate bars.

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8. Just for a second...

Source: nickelodeon
Relaxing your eyes after turning off the alarm.

- The-Legend-26

The only time of the day where a blink can last 40 minutes.

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9. Oh no no no no no!

closeup portrait funny shocked anxious scared young girl looking at picture id()
Source: istock
Trying to hit airplane mode before your email gets sent out.

- _Squirrel_F-cker

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10. Just put the damn file up on Blackboard.

bored students listening lesson in a classroom picture id
Source: istock
Trying to take notes when the lecturer changes the slides too fast


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11. I run for no train.

man screaming after losing his train picture id
Source: istock
Seeing your train arrive at the platform but refusing to run in the hope that you've timed your walking speed just right to make it before it leaves.

- HueyLewisAndTheShoes

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12. Learn those keyboard shortcuts.

typing on laptop closeup picture id
Source: istock
X-ing out of Reddit when your boss comes by but pretending you're clicking a cell in Excel.

- CasuallyCompetitive

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13. I'll just put it on 2x speed.

girl using smart phone and lying down in bed picture id
Source: istock
Convincing myself that I can watch a 10-minute video when I have to leave in 5 minutes

- N3MO_

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14. "I got this."

shocked driver picture id
Source: istock
Closing maps when you decide you know where you're going, then having to open it and get directions again right before a turn you think sounds right.

- Alaskimo

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15. "In this chapter, Ellison's titular character feels particularly...uhh...invisible..."

teenage schoolgirl raising hand in class picture id
Source: istock
Raising your hand in class to give a summary of last night's required reading, after not reading a single page.

- Whitesheep34

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16. Absolute madness.

paper picture id
Source: istock
Using a public restroom without checking the amount of available toilet paper first.

- TheBracques

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17. Only the brave.

portrait of young beautiful woman ironing clothes picture id
Source: istock
Ironing your clothes whilst you're wearing them.

- cannedtunainbrine

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18. "As you can see here..."

young stock trader shows to the executive managers cryptocurrency and picture id
Source: istock
Giving a presentation, created by your group, to your boss as you see the slides for the first time in the projector.

- coelacyanth

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19. Bonus points if you know you're reaching a tunnel that cuts service.

two senior women talking on a train picture id()
Source: istock
Buying a train ticket on the train with your phone when you see the guy checking tickets at the other end of the carriage.

- Magical_Gravy

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20. College is wack anyway.

free application for federal student aid concept picture id
Source: istock
Filling out FAFSA in the last week of July.
EDIT: TIL there are people who are WAY more extreme at this sport than I ever was... godspeed, all you madmen/women.

- oldfactory_nerve

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21. Wait, this is actually an extreme sport.

brick wall with brown doors and barred window picture id
Source: istock
Taking the backroads in Gary, Indiana to avoid highway traffic.

- kukukele

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22. "And you know what else!...Oh...ok."

Source: imgur
Trying to type something in the group chat before the topic changes.

- savingsunday

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23. All parents know the struggle.

father holding newborn baby son in nursery picture id
Source: istock
Getting out of my toddler's room, undetected, after he has fallen asleep.

- Just_Me710

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24. This is why folding laundry on Sunday night is so important.

charming girl at home picture id
Source: istock
Getting dressed after your friend texts you, “I’m here”

- willsmithsbeefbroth

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25. "Officer, you understand."

young man driving a car shocked about to have traffic accident view picture id
Source: istock
Knowing you're not gonna make the light, but it's too late because you've already committed.

- Breezy_TPE

Dang, living on that kind of edge is hella not that extreme.

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