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It's Friday Eve! Here Are Some of the Funniest Memes to Share This Thursday


Once you get through Monday and Tuesday, English-speaking calendars everywhere agree the rest of the week just spells WTF. But today, you're officially allowed to fantasize over your weekend plans instead of nostalgically rehashing what you got into last Friday and Saturday.

With just one more day of the work grind to go, Friday Eve is objectively everyone's second-favorite. Plus, you're over hump day(!) and have #TBTs and #TransformationThursdays to look forward to on social media. So take your good mood and make it even better by scrolling through these hilarious Thursday memes. After all, Thursdays are the new Fridays, if you haven't already heard.

Enjoy, laugh, and share these with someone who might need that extra boost to make it through mini-Friday.

1. Don't be a Negative Noreen when you could be a Positive Pauline.

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