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People Are Sharing the Dumbest Things They Ever Got Grounded for and It's Making Us Love Our Parents


Oh, the good old days of childhood. It's wild to think there was a time before 9-to-5's, bills and the other daily annoyances of being a grown-up. Once upon a time, life just consisted of occasional homework, summer vacation, and having your parents pay for your existence. Those were the glorious days.

But then there were those not-so-nostalgic parts of growing up, like when homework went from simple worksheets to hours and hours of essays and papers. Or curfews, which were like — why can't I just hang out with my friends forever? Everyone had their own house rules, no matter how bizarre their families were.

And breaking those rules often resulted in punishment, another part of childhood I really don't miss. It seemed sometimes like parents just wanted to find any reason to discipline us, no matter how arbitrary those reasons might have been.

People banded together on reddit to share their stories of times their parents got mad at them for the dumbest reason. This list will make you laugh, and might even make you grateful you didn't grow up in houses like these.

1. What did you— look that up or something?

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Me and my dad were talking about something — I can't remember what — and for some reason the names of Obama's daughters came up. I could remember one (Sasha), but not the other, so when we'd finished chatting I looked it up. Next time the conversation went that way, a day or so later, I said "Sasha and Malia," and his face just dropped.
"Did you look that up?" he asked.
"Yeah. Why?"
Well, he was outraged at the idea. It was like he took personal offense at the idea that someone who didn't know something might go out of their way to learn it for no reason other than to know it. His logic seems to be that only the stuff he already knows is important, because if it was important and he didn't know it, he'd have looked it up already, so anything he doesn't know is obviously pointless and dumb.
He's not fun when it comes to Trivial Pursuit.

- Portarossa