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Source: twitter

People Can't Stop Roasting How Weird This Kids' T-Rex Looks

By Mustafa Gatollari

Anyone with kids will tell you that sometimes they end up becoming enamored with the ugliest and derpiest of toys. Like a Tyrannosaurus Rex figure that looks like it was designed by someone whose knowledge of dinosaurs was relayed to him by a drunk guy reciting erotic Jurassic Park fan fiction from memory.

And while oftentimes I just suck it up whenever my kid takes a liking to a toy I just cannot stand, I don't know I'd react to him if he started carrying around this yellow T-Rex that's cracking everyone up on Twitter right now. 

Just look at the toy in question

Source: twitter

The internet being the beautiful machine that's capable of churning out ridiculous content at the drop of a hat, had people submitting their own derpy-looking dinosaur toys and figures created by people who had no idea what they're doing.