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Source: istock

9 People Who Learned Basic Facts at Embarrassingly Late Ages


Everything at your own pace, they said. You're never too old to learn, they said. Though these sayings may be true, a few people who shared their stories of lessons they learned at an embarrassingly late age will make you feel better about your day, week, and TBQH, life — no matter how badly you feel they've been going.

Once you read about these guys who've been using toilets wrong their whole lives, or thought that Mt. Rushmore was a natural occurring rock formation, you'll start feeling like a MENSA champion — no matter how far you've made it in school. Or, in the words of Albert Einstein, "Two things are infinite — the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe."

1. The dude who didn't realize you could let the shower warm up before stepping in.

Source: istock

If you're having a rough morning, take comfort in the fact that this guy has spent his whole life freezing his butt off in the shower. "I always hated showers," he explains, until "the girl I was with" asked him, "Why don't you wait for it to warm up?" He stared back at her in disbelief — "I had no answer for her... I [felt] so stupid, I couldn't enjoy the rest of the night." 

Thanks to this lovely lady, the guy's outlook on showers (and life) are totally changed. "Today I stood and waited for the shower to heat up for the first time," he writes. "It was great!"

What an idiot, you must be thinking. Well, he's working on his masters right now so, just another reason street smarts are more important than book smarts.