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Source: Imgur

13 Massive Costco Products That Might Come In Handy When the Apocalypse Hits


In case you haven't noticed, the future ain't looking so great. With global warming, Brexit, and government shutdowns making the future look shaky and uncertain, many people are preparing for what humankind has always dreaded: the apocalypse. But if filling an underground bunker full of canned goods and bottled water sounds like a lot of work, you're in luck. Costco to the rescue! The popular supermarket chain, known for their gigantic pallets of food sold in bulk, are here to make doomsday prepping surprisingly easy, whether you're looking for a barrel of whiskey or a tub of Nutella. Yes, we said tub. Below, a few items Costco offers that can sit proudly beside your crate of freeze-dried jerky.

1. A 23-Pound Bucket of Mac & Cheese

Source: Costco

Instead of eating a sad can of beans while hunkering in your fallout shelter, you could be eating like a college kid with this Macaroni & Cheese bucket. Yep, a 23-pound bucket of cheesy goodness with about 180 servings and a 20-year shelf life. That's more than enough time to wait out the zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, this $90 bucket is sold out, but who knows. It might go back on sale soon.