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Source: Instagram: Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox Reveals Public Instagram Full Of Cat Videos And Selfies


Its always interesting to see peoples social media accounts.  It is usually a reflection of the person them self, whether it be their beliefs or political or social stances and what have you.  But sometimes it can be their frame of mind, maybe some insecurities and other psychological things going on.  Sometimes peoples social media is completely different than how they are in regular life and it makes you think that something might be going on that you do not see or there is more to a story.  A lot of times, people in the public eye have this happen to them because you know them one way, but then they open the door to their personal lives through social media and people are not ready for it.  Such might be the case for someone who has been in the public eye before, Amanda Knox.  

Amanda Knox is pretty much a household name. Knox was accused of murdering her roommate, an allegation that set off a four year drama that held the international stage enthralled as she was convicted then acquitted, then convicted again and finally, finally set free. Since being released, she has worked on a book, Waiting To Be Heard, about her experience, and it looks like she's finally ready to make one of the most intimate parts of her life public: Instagram. 

She announced the photo tour you can now take of her life on Twitter: