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You'll Be Shocked to Find Out Where 'The Circle' on Netflix Is Actually Filmed



After promising yourself that 2020 would be filled with healthier choices, and a ton of amazing workouts, there's a good chance that you may have rung in the new year by watching Netflix's latest releases. The Circle launched on the streaming site on Jan. 1, and it's truly unlike any American reality show out there. 

Contestants are urged to lie to one another in order to stay in the game for $100,000, and they each live in isolation in one bedroom apartments (in the same building, no less!).

Naturally, social media plays a huge part in this show, as it's the only outlet for the competitors to talk with one another. Plus, staying relevant on it is the only way to stay in the game (which we realize is quite a scary microcosm for society in 2020).

While we wait for the rest of the episodes to come out, since Season 1 will be fully released over the course of three weeks, we can solve one mystery about the competition. 

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Where was The Circle filmed on Netflix? Read on to find out where the reality show about deceit actually took place (hint: it's across the pond) and whether or not the show is actually rooted in reality.  

Where was The Circle filmed on Netflix?

Because the entire show takes place in a swanky apartment building — that apparently just has a ton of vacant apartments for the contestants to reside in — viewers wondered just where this building was located (especially considering how hard it is to find a spacious one-bedroom apartment in basically every American city). 

The Circle also shows images of Chicago's skyline throughout, leading many to believe that's where the show is shot. But, that's nowhere close to the real location.

According to Decider,The Circle was shot in an apartment complex in Manchester, England. The upcoming season of the U.K. version of the show will also apparently be shot there. 

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Though the show hasn't officially confirmed Manchester as the spot for the show, it does make sense. First of all, the outlets seen in multiple scenes throughout the episodes are clearly not American. The wider, three-pronged outlets shown can be found in basically every building in the U.K.

Second of all, the show originated in the U.K., so it makes sense that it would shoot in an already-existing set, considering how many cameras have to be installed around the apartments.

 While other reality shows get to build their own homes and sets for the show, like Big Brother or The Challenge, the apartments featured in The Circle can actually be rented. The one bedroom, one bathroom apartments are going for around $1,300 each — but maybe the rent will go up after the success of the show. 

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Is The Circle fake or scripted?

With only four episodes of the Netflix reality series available, it's difficult to determine just how "real" the reality series will be. But, with the success of the British version of the show, we can make some comparisons.

The first season of the American version finished filming ahead of time, while British audiences were able to interact on the episodes as they aired. Whether this change was done because the American version is on a site known for binge-watching episodes, or because it's actually more contrived is unclear. There's no obvious evidence that it's scripted.

What we do know is that it's an addictive new reality series, and we're dying to know who wins.

The first four episodes of The Circle are now available to stream on Netflix. 

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