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Source: Netflix

You'll Be Shocked to Find Out Where 'The Circle' on Netflix Is Actually Filmed


After promising yourself that 2020 would be filled with healthier choices, and a ton of amazing workouts, there's a good chance that you may have rung in the new year by watching Netflix's latest releases. The Circle launched on the streaming site on Jan. 1, and it's truly unlike any American reality show out there. 

Contestants are urged to lie to one another in order to stay in the game for $100,000, and they each live in isolation in one bedroom apartments (in the same building, no less!).

Naturally, social media plays a huge part in this show, as it's the only outlet for the competitors to talk with one another. Plus, staying relevant on it is the only way to stay in the game (which we realize is quite a scary microcosm for society in 2020).

While we wait for the rest of the episodes to come out, since Season 1 will be fully released over the course of three weeks, we can solve one mystery about the competition.