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Source: Vine

13 People Explain What Life Is Like After Viral Fame

By Tiffany White

Becoming accidentally famous can be a blessing and a curse. Just ask Antoine Dodson, Prison Bae, or even Miss South Carolina. They've all experienced what it's like be famous overnight, and for many of them, life post-fame has its setbacks. Here's how viral stars handled the limelight after their 15 minutes were up.

1. Batkid

Source: Getty

Remember Batkid? In 2013, 5-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott saw his wish of transforming San Francisco into Gotham come true, thanks to Make-a-Wish Foundation

With the help of roughly 13,000 people, Miles became Batman for a day and got to save Gotham from a staged bank robbery, a villainous penguin, and even received keys to the city from San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee. His jam-packed day melted hearts around the world and garnered praise from then-President Obama himself. Miles' inspiring story of battling leukemia and saving the city from bad guys even got made into a 2015 documentary, Batkid Begins.

Today, Miles is a healthy 10-year-old who's been making headlines lately for defeating cancer. What else could one expect from Batkid? According to Make-a-Wish, Miles is now a normal fifth grader who "loves science and robotics." He plays Little League baseball and helps out on his family farm, like a typical kid. His mother Natalie wants to pay it forward to the Foundation and become a wish granter for other sick children.

While Miles might seem like a normal fifth grader today, he'll always be Batkid to San Francisco and to the internet.