The Code 1087 Actually Has a Bittersweet Meaning on TikTok

Katherine Stinson - Author

Apr. 12 2023, Published 3:07 p.m. ET

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Older millennials, are you doing OK on TikTok nowadays? It seems like every day on the app is a lesson in learning a new, Gen Z-esque language

For example, the recent number trend taking over TikTok and Instagram.

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If you've been confused by the number system trend taking over social media lately, you aren't alone.

Let's hone in on one code in particular and why the meaning behind it is actually quite bittersweet. So, what is the meaning of the numbers 1087 on a TikTok video? Here's what we know.

A 1087 code on TikTok
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What is the meaning of 1087 on TikTok videos?

If someone posts a 1087 on their TikTok video, it basically means, "I miss the old us."

So, it's kind of like a secret message within a TikTok, a coded message in a bottle if you will. The 1087 meaning is bittersweet, but it's actually a clever way to keep a video all over the internet a bit more private for the intended recipient of the 1087 meaning.

Typically, a user will add 1087 as a hashtag or make it part of their TikTok caption. That way they don't have to go into a full-fledged storytime video about who the other half of the "us" is and why they miss the old version of them.

Think of 1087 and other number codes like TikTok shorthand!

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What do some other numbers mean on TikTok then?

It's important to note for anyone trying to learn how to speak fluent TikTok that there are actually a whole numerical code system on the app, where different sets of numbers have different meanings.

TikTok users can secretly post videos about their secret crushes on the app by using numbers instead of letters. For example – A would be 022, B would be o76, C would be o99, and D would be o12.

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As Distractify previously reported, the rest of the codes for each letter are:

E – o43

F – o98

G – o24

H – o34

I – o66

J – o45

K – o54

L – o84

M – o33

N – o12

O – o89

P – o29

Q – o38

R – o56

S – o23

T – o65

U – o41

V – o74

W – o77

X – o39

Y – o26

Z – o10

OK, is there a code for apologizing? Or saying that you love someone?

Never fear, TikTok number codes are here!

If you're trying to tell someone, "Sorry I hurt you," with the number code, you'd add a 910 in your hashtags or caption.

If you want to say I love you, you'd use the numbers 143. What about the risky, "I still love you" then? That would be the code 1543.

Obviously you don't have to use 1087 or any other numerical code on TikTok, but you have to give the code system credit for creating a bit of privacy on the internet! Or maybe not since there have been so many articles written about the codes! Welcome to the TikTok paradox.

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