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Source: Twitter / Getty Images

Your Biggest '90s Crushes: Then vs. Now


For many millennials, the '90s was the golden age of teen heartthrobs. The haircuts, the baggy clothes, the smoldering gazes... You simply couldn't beat it. So when Zia Hiltey, a pro wrestling photographer and Twitter user, asked people to share their "top '90s babe," people everywhere happily obliged. We decided to take this thread as an opportunity to catch up with these '90s hotties and see what they look like and what they're up to today. 

Ethan Embry Then

Source: Twitter

Zia herself started off the thread with an Ethan Embry appreciation post. And even though I was only tangentially aware of him in the '90s, when he starred in movies like Empire Records and That Thing You Do!, I stan. I stan hard. Because Ethan Embry's also made a name for himself as an adult actor, and he's just as cute now as he was back then.