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Source: New Line Cinema

15 '90s Movies That Haven't Aged Well at All


When was the last time you watched your favorite '90s movie? If it's one of the 15 films on this list, I urge you to just leave your memory of that film in tact and never revisit it with 21st century hindsight. There's a saying that you can never truly go home again, and the sentiment applies to a lot of movies you loved as a kid. 

Sometimes it's a simple issue of technology. Computer animation then wasn't quite what it is today, and high-definition screens only make the flaws that much more apparent. But a few of these films aged badly due to certain story elements or jokes that just aren't OK now — if they ever were.

1. 'Hackers'

Source: United Artists

Was this a good movie when it came out? Absolutely not (though Roger Ebert gave it three our of four stars). The "state-of-the-art" technology these high school hackers were using was already obsolete when it was filmed. But it isn't just people drooling over 28.8 BPS modems that make it bad. It's that the filmmakers didn't seem at all concerned with knowing anything about hacking, because they figured most filmgoers wouldn't know anything about computers anyway. If people were as tech savvy in 1995 as they are now, this would never have passed the smell test.