Steps to Complete "A Prince in Disguise" Quest in 'Disney Dreamlight Valley'

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Sep. 14 2023, Published 4:09 p.m. ET

'Disney Dreamlight Valley' Screenshot of Beast and Belle inside their a study room.
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The gist:

  • "A Prince in Disguise" begins with solving three riddles. Use a watering can on the fireplace in the library, a pickaxe on the lion statue outside the room, and a shovel at the center of the garden maze to solve them.
  • Next, make a Book Kit for Belle with Fiber, a Purple Falling Penstemon, an Empty Vial, and a Feather. Scrooge McDuck is the best villager to ask for a Feather.
  • Lastly, find Beast's Princely items around his room to complete the quest.
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Many months into its early access, Belle and the Beast have finally become villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The iconic magical duo debuts with a series of questlines in the new Enchanted Castle beyond the Beauty and the Beast Realm Door, and it appears players are running into some difficulty with the last quest.

Known as “A Prince in Disguise,” the quest involves solving three riddles, making a specific item, and finding various objects to complete it. Progressing through the quest can be tricky based on where you look. If you’re having trouble, here’s every step you need to know to finish the quest.

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'Disney Dreamlight Valley' Promo art of Beast and Belle standing beside a player.
Source: Gameloft

How to complete “A Prince in Disguise” in ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley.’

From the jump, “A Prince in Disguise” begins with a rather cunning set of riddles. Right after the previous “Into the Wing West” quest, the Beast will request your help to find three Key Pieces.

The riddles will describe a place and your objective is to find these spots. None of the riddles are direct, so it’s easy to see how players could get tripped up here. Below is a rundown of where to look:

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  • "A hot place" — use your watering can on the fireplace in the library.
  • "A place where silence roars" — hit the lion statue outside the library with a pickaxe.
  • "A thorny place" — dig at the center of the garden maze with a shovel.
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The Beast will use the items to make a key to open a chest, where you can find the Enchanted Mirror. Next, create a Book Kit with these ingredients: 20 Fiber, three Purple Falling Penstemons, one Empty Vial, and one Feather.

Most of these materials you can acquire easily enough, but you'll need to get the Feather from Scrooge McDuck. Once you have everything, make the Book Kit at a crafting station.

Afterward, the Beast will require you to find items from his Grooming Kit to look presentable for Belle. Luckily, these objects aren't hard to locate. Inside his room, the Beast's Brush is by the door, the Princely Cologne is behind him, and the Princely Shampoo is on the table by the bathtub.

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As a reward for sticking along the ride with Belle and the Beast, players will get to place the Beast's Castle on a free section of land in their village. Scrooge McDuck will want 20,000 coins to construct the building, but this will bring both Belle and the Beast to your valley.

If you're a fan of the love-sprung duo, finishing up the last quest is worth the effort.

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