Ninja Was Banned From Livestreaming on TikTok — But He's Unbothered About It

Sara Belcher - Author

Sep. 13 2023, Published 7:06 p.m. ET

The gist:

  • Ninja was banned from TikTok for doing the viral "glizzy overload' meme.
  • It's unclear how long he has been banned from livestreaming on the app for.
  • Ninja has plenty of other platforms you can watch him stream on.
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There are few streamers who have gained the notoriety that Fortnite streamer Ninja has. Though many popular streamers have been switching platforms, leaving Twitch for its shiny new competitor Kick, Ninja doesn't confine himself to one platform. Instead, he streams across multiple platforms, letting his fans watch him on whatever platform they prefer.

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TikTok has slowly become a more popular place for streamers to play games. Despite the restrictions of the vertical, phone-sized screen, plenty of gamers have grown their own followings by streaming live on the app.

Unfortunately, it seems that one of Ninja's recent streams has gotten him banned from TikTok live — but what happened on the stream to get him banned?

Ninja replicated the "Glizzy Overdrive" meme on TikTok live, resulting in his ban.

If you're not chronically on TikTok and up to date with every trend and meme that crosses your For You page, I envy you. But that also probably means you missed the recent influx of NPC livestreams. Creators would go live and pretend to be an NPC, reacting to gifts from viewers, and sometimes even doing sexually explicit gestures if gifted a specific sticker.

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Through this trend, some creators started doing a "glizzy overdrive" motion, imitating eating hotdogs quickly as viewers gifted them the hotdog sticker.

Of course, this motion can sometimes look sexually explicit, especially as the creators dramatize the motion.

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During one of his streams, Ninja also decided to jokingly do the "glizzy overdrive" motion — and not long after, he was banned from streaming live on TikTok.

“I violated community guidelines, dude…” he said. “Let me get this straight. A guy can dress up as a hot dog and literally suck glizzies for like four hours straight, but I impersonate him one time and I’m banned in the first 30 seconds?”

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Unfortunately, Ninja did not elaborate on how long his ban is in place for, so it's unclear how long his viewers will have to go before they can stream his lives on TikTok again. That said, TikTok live bans aren't usually in place for very long, and since this seems to be Ninja's first offense, he'll likely be back in good standing within a couple of days.

Despite the ban, it seems that Ninja is relatively unbothered by the temporary ban, laughing about it with his followers in the replies. In fact, his followers also think that the ban was unnecessary — especially considering there are multiple creators who do the same thing often in their livestreams.

"I’m so confused? How do they ban you for eating hot dogs????" one fan replied, while another wrote "They should have to runnin ads for hotdog companies with that perfect form."

Regardless, Ninja has plenty of other platforms you can watch him stream on if you don't want to miss any of his content.

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